Animal Expert Groups Project

Your assigned Animal Group and Resources (circle)

Group Fat Book pages Skinny Book pages



p. 426-434 p.204, p.208



p. 416-420 p. 202, p.208



p. 409-415 p.198-200



p. 435-445 p.206, p.208
Fish p. 400-405

p.196, p.208


See also:

  • Books in the classroom

Part I: Research Questions (30 pts)

1. Habitat:



2.Classification (Examples):



3.Growth and Development:






5. Adaptations

    a. Digestion:



    b. Locomotion:



    c. Body Coverings:



    d. Extra Credit Circulation (details about the heart):



    e. Extra Credit Respiration:



6. Protection:



7. Extra Credit: Web the classifications within group: (Make a web that shows how the groups are split-up for your assigned group)