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Animal Adaptations


Overarching Question: How do you design a zoo enclosure that reflects the animal’s natural ecosystem?

Guiding Questions

How do your write a good experiment question?

1. Avoid starting with "why" or "How Come"

2. Have something to measure

3. Have two things to compare

4. Be stated as a question

What is the relationship between skull shape and what the animal eats?

Teeth Function

Measuring a skull

Primate Diets


How do you collect and organize data from a field investigation on animal behavior?

Video of students eating lunch

Ethologist, a scientist that studies animal behavior, catagorizes behaviors and records them in a data table called at ethogram.

What is an adaptation and how does this help with an organism's success and survival?

Animal Adaptation Reading

Animal Adaptation Cornell Notes

How can you back up your conclusions with evidence from text, mathematical data, and observations?



What was Jane Goodall's impact on the world?









What are some adaptations for your animal?

See Animal Wiki to put your results

Use these Links as your research your animal:

Minnesota DNR Animals: Facts about Minnesota Animals

Minnesota Zoo: A-Z list of animal facts.

Toads and Frogs

The Raptor Center

The International Wolf Center