Harmful and Helpful Bacteria

Directions: Look at the slides of the bacteria and read the information on the card to answer the following questions.

Set # 19 Helpful Bacteria

  1. How are bacteria helpful?

#1 Bacteria of Decay

2. Draw what you see

3. Why do farmers like this type of bacteria?


4, What Role (Producer, consumer, decomposer) does this bacteria play?


#6 Vinegar Bacteria

5. Draw what you see

6.What types of foods does this bacteria help make?

#7 Cheese Bacteria

7. Draw what you see




8. How do cheese makers make cheese taste different?

#8 Sour Milk Bacteria

9.Draw what you see




10.What are you eating when you eat sour milk?

Set #20 Harmful Bacteria

# 2 Typhoid fever Bacteria

11. Draw what you see




12.Where does this bacteria live? How does it move?


#4 Bacteria of Tuberculosis (TB)

13. Draw what you see




14. What does this bacteria attack?



15. How was the slide made?


#6 Bacteria of food poisoning

16. Draw what you see



17. What is the name of this food poisoning