Bacteria are Everywhere Lab

Part I: Design your experiment
1. Brainstorm a list of places in the school, your body, and classroom where you think bacteria are found. (List 7-10)





2. What 2 places would you and your partner like to test? (This is what you are going to compare for your experiment question)

Area A.__________________________________________________

Area B.__________________________________________________

3. Write a science experiment question:_____________________________


4. Write your hypothesis:
Ho: _________________________________________________________

Ha1: The section where nothing was added had the most bacteria.

Ha2: _________________________________________________________


Ha3: _________________________________________________________


Part II Set-up your experiment
1. Get 2 cotton swabs

2. Get your pass signed by your teacher in order to go outside the classroom to test an area_______________ (teachers signature)

3. Swab (rub the area with the cotton swabs) the areas you wanted to test.

4. Get a Petri Dish that is labeled with three areas A,B, and C and has a growth medium in it (bacteria food).

5. Rub over the correct labeled part with your cotton swab.

6. Put the cover on it, tape it shut, label your names and class period with masking tape.

7. Put Petri dish in your period’s area of the room.

Part III: Analysis and Conclusion
Write your answers in complete sentences
1. Which area A, B, or C had the most bacteria growth? Which had the least?


2. Which hypothesis from #4 was the correct Hypothesis? Rewrite the hypothesis here. This should answer the question you wrote in #3.


3. Where you surprised by the result? Why or Why not?


4. What other places would you like to test? Why?