Cell Test Review


You need to know the following information for the test. To help you study do the following:

        Write which notes and/or assignments that will help you review for each item.

        Staple behind this worksheet the notes and assignments.

        Take home and study this information.


1.    The definition of a cell


2.    Who discovered and named the cell


3.    What is diffusion


4.    How is diffusion different from osmosis


5.    How materials move in and out of a cell


6.    The 7 main parts of the cell, what they look like and what their job is.


7.    Be able to label the 7 main parts on a plant and animal cell.


8.    Be able to identify in a microscope a plant and animal cell.


9.    Be able to focus a microscope on the low and medium objective.


10.                       Label the parts of the microscope.


11.                       Be able to tell at least 3 differences between a plant and animal cell.


Extra Credit:  5 points will be added to your test grade if you study at home for at least 20 minutes.  Need parent signature.


               Parent Signature