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Lesson 1 Explore slides of cells

  • Using the plastic slide viewers make observations of plant and animal cells.   Complete observation of plant and animal cells.


Lesson 2 Definition of a cell

  • Cell theory reading:  Read pages 65-66 in skinny Life Science book and complete the worksheet. 

  • Watch Bill Nye's "Cells" answer these questions:

1.  What is a cell?

2.  What are the parts of the cell?

3. What questions do you have about cells?


Lesson 3 Parts of a cell

Extra Credit: Label the plant cell and animal cell


Lesson 4 Plant vs. Animal cell

  • Using your notes and labeled picture fill out a Venn Diagram on plant Cells and animal cells.

  • Make a mini-poster that is a visual representation of the Venn Diagram.  The mini-poster must:

1.  Be creative

2.  Use words

3.  Use pictures

4.  Include all information on the Venn Diagram

5. Include Color


Lesson 5 Osmosis and Diffusion


Lesson 6 Osmosis Animations


Lesson 7   Microscope Introduction


Lesson 8   Focus Practice