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Ecology Unit Assignments

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Workbook pages: p.1, p.32, p.32, p.39, p.42, p.41

Ecology Reading A: Habitat Reading

  1. Interactive Editing of P. 56-57 in Skinny Life Science book.
  2. Do questions on p.57 on separate piece of paper

Habitat Writing

Use your notes from the interactive editing of p. 56-57 to write a paragraph that answers this question: Why do organisms need a habitat?

Staple these two things:

    1. Organize your paragraph using the sandwich organizer.
    2. Write your paragraph using the sandwich organizer.
Something's Wrong Here Worksheet password required

Food Web

Use the list of organisms your class created or make your own list to make a food web. You must have at least 4 producers, 3 primary consumers and 2 secondary/tertiary consumers. All organisms must be in the same habitat!

Food Chains and Food Web Video

1. Watch the Food Chains and Food Web Video password required

2. Complete Food Chains and Food Webs Video Guide

Food Chains and Webs Word search
Food Chains and Webs Field Form

Ecology Reading C: Ecosystems and Feedback Loops

  1. Read Dr. Art's Guide to Planet Earth pp. 68-69 password required
  2. Ecosystems and Feedback Loop Reading Guide

What is the difference between a population, community, and an ecosystem?

1) PreAP Only: Analyzing an Ecosystem

2) Take notes use Notes Page to complete

a) Population, Community, Ecosystem Venn Diagram

b) Ecosystem Graphic Organizer

3) Levels of Organization Activty: Match the words with its definition and picture.

What are the roles of producers, consumers, primary consumers, secondary consumers, tertiary consumer, and decomposer?

1) Journal entry: Draw a food chain with a producer, primary consumer, secondary consumer, tertiary consumer, and decomposer labeled.

2) Regular Only: Producers and Consumers Worksheets password required

3) PreAP Only: What's Eating You?

How does energy move in an ecosystem?

1) Food Chain Records

2) Regular Only: Food Chains Worksheets password required AND Food Web password required

3) PreAP only: Food webs at Hydrothermal Vents

4) Energy Pyramid Reading

5) Energy Pyramid Worksheet password required

Population, Community, Ecosystem Venn Diagram and Poster

  1. Use Ecology Unit Notes to help you
  2. Create a poster that shows how population, community, and ecosystems are related.

Minnesota Ecosystems

Minnesota Ecosystems Worksheet


Hare and Lynx

Part I: Introduction and Graphing Data

Part II: Answering Questions

Ecology Reading B: Urban Habitat Reading

1. Read Urban Habitat Reading.

2. Complete a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast natural and human habitat.

Human's Opinion of Wolves Timeline

  1. Read Ecology Unit Reading D: The Story of the Wolf
  2. Make a Timeline

The Lorax

  1. Watch The Lorax on google video
  2. Complete The Lorax video guide

Minnesota Animal Story

  1. Example and Introduction
  2. Story Plan Graphic Organizer