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Life Functions

All Life Have:

  1. Cells: Smallest unit of life that all living things have one or more of.
  2. Ability to Get and Use Energy: Energy is the ability to do work.
  3. Adaptations: Features that help an organism to survive. Example: A dog has fur to keep it warm.

All Life Does:

  1. Respond:  Reacting to changes.  Example: You jump when you hear a sudden, loud noise.
  2. Grow and Develop:  Getting bigger and older. Example: A humans starts as a baby, goes through puberty then becomes an adult.
  3. Reproduce:  Creating new life. Example: Dogs make more dogs
  4. Ingest:  Taking in food
  5. Digest:  Changing food to a form that can be used
  6. Respire:  Getting energy by linking oxygen with digested food. Example: Breathing
  7. Excrete:  Getting rid of wastes. Example: Poop and pee
  8. Circulate:  Sending useful products to all parts of the plant or animal and carrying waste products away. Example: The blood in your body moves nutrients to other part of the body.
  9. Locomotion:  Moving without outside help