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Genetics And Evolution






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Life Science Links

Definition of Life

Characteristics of Living Things

Animal Adaptations and MN Ecology

Earthworm Anatomy

Earthworm Watch


Animal Skulls A guide to North American Species by Mark Elbrock

Animals Skulls Skull features

Gorilla Ethogram

American Frontiers Chimp Minds

Jane Goodall Institute

Japanese Macaques

Animal Graphing

Minnesota DNR Animals: Facts about Minnesota Animals

Minnesota Zoo: A-Z list of animal facts.

Toads and Frogs

The Raptor Center

The International Wolf Center

The Cell

Biology Corner:  A class web site from a high school teacher, includes notes and links about cells

Biology For Kids: More information about plant and animal cells and cell parts.

Biotech Adventures :  More information about the plant and animal cell

Cells Alive:  A very Visual web site that shows the parts of the cell.

Cell Structure:  An interactive web site that shows the parts of an animal cell

Osmosis Animation:  An animation that shows how osmosis works.

Physical Geography.net: Good images of an animal cell, a plant cell, and a bacteria cell. Also describes the cell parts and their job.



DNA Game

Tour of the Basics


Peppered Moth Simulation: A simulation of changes in a population due to predation and pollution.

Tree of Life web project



Population Simulation

Food Chains and Food Webs: Explains food webs and food chains, also has a interactive food web game.

Food Chains Questions

Food Chain Movie

BBC Food Chains

Interesting Facts about Food Chains

History of the Land: Click on Interactive maps to learn about Minnesota Ecosystems

Minnesota DNR Ecosystems: Facts about ecosystems


Earth and Sky: Information about the Monarch's Life Cycle, Migration, and Conservation.

Monarchs in the Classroom: Information about Monarch biology and rearing.

Journey North: Includes information about Monarch Migration and over wintering in Mexico.

Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Foundation : Monarch Facts and other information.

Monarch Watch: Information about Monarch biology, ecology, and conservation.

VCS Monarch Observations: Photos of Monarch life cycle and Milkweed.

Monarch Butterfly USA: Information and photos of Monarch life cycle and migration.

Famous Scientists

List #1   Biography index

List #1A   More Scientists

List #2   Famous Women Scientists

List #3  Hispanic / Native America Scientists

List #4  Inventors

List #5 African Americans

Other Interesting Websites

Mealworm Information

Mealworm Life Cycle

Kidport.com: General information about vertebrate and invertebrate animals

Animal Web quest: Facts about the groups of vertebrate animals