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What is Life? Vocabulary

Adapt: A characteristic of an organism that helps it survive

Cell: The smallest living thing AND What makes up all living things

Characteristic: A description of what something looks, smells, tastes, sounds, feels, and acts like.

Chemicals: nonliving matter like protins, carbohydrates, DNA, and fats.

Claims: A statement that explains your observations and data.

Energy: The ablitiy to do work

Evidence: An observation or data from an investigation

Interactive Editing: A reading stratagy we use to write sentences in your own words from a reading assignment.

Key Words: Important words in a reading

Mulicellular: Living things with more then one cell

Observation: Something you notice using your 5 senses

Organism: A living thing

Reproduce: Produce more of its kind

Research: Finding the answers to your questions by reading, doing experiments or talking to an expert.

Respond: An action or change in behavior

Stimulus: Change in the surrounding that causes a living things to react

Unicellular: Living things with only one cell

Valid: A statement that has a lot of evidence to support it.