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Parts of A Microscope

Print and label your own microscope to put in your notes section of your folder

How much are you magnifying it by?

When you look through a microscope you are looking through two sets of lenses.

Lens 1. The Eyepiece

Makes things look 10X times bigger.

Lens 2. The Objective Lenses

We have three different objective lenses but we can only use one at a time.

Our objective lenses can do 4X, 10X, and 40X.

To figure out how much total magnification you see, use multiplication.

The x next to the number means how many "times" it is magnified.  For example, 40x reads as "forty times" which means that the image you are looking at is 40 times bigger then in real life.



Eyepiece Total Magnification
Low Power 4x 10x 40x
Medium Power 10x 10x 100x
High Power 40x 10x 400x
Every picture that is drawn or photographed should be marked with the magnification!