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National Science Teachers Association

AAAS-Project 2061: A comprehensive research based document that states what students should know and be able to do in science, mathematics and technology by the time they graduate high school.

National Science Education Standards

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Graphic Organizers

Discovery School Puzzle Maker

MnSTA Workshop: ELL and LD Strategies in Science Inquiry


Recommend Books and Reading

How Students Learn Science in the classroom

Using Science Notebooks in the Middle school classroom by Michael Klentschy

Teaching Science with Interactive Notebooks by Kellie Marcaralli

Inquiry and the National Science Education Standards

Classroom Assessment and the National Science Education Standards

Uncovering Student Ideas in Science Vol 1-IV by Page Keeley

Giving Students a Purpose to Read: Article by my publish in Science Scope September 2007


Saving animations

1. Click on the animation you want

2. Open file menu

3. Select save page as....

4. Save as a .swf

Osmosis with water only

Higher concentration inside the cell

Higher concentration outside the cell

Equal concentrations on both sides of the cell

Microscope magnification

Download a worksheet you like

Below is a list of assignments that I have created along with Sarah Weaver. You can download them in Microsoft Office (Words, Excel, or Power point) format if you would like to change it. If you like it the way it is simply download the pdf version. You will need Adobe Reader in order to view the pdf files. You can use these worksheets and change them as you please, I do however reserve the copyright on these documents.

Worksheet Unit pdf Microsoft Office
Frayer Model Vocab .pdf .doc
Interactive Editing Form Reading .pdf .doc
Interactive Editing Instructions Reading .pdf .doc
Science Article Summary All .pdf .doc
Pre-lab Write up Manipulative Inquiry .pdf .doc
Pre-lab Write up Observation Inquiry .pdf .doc
Post-Lab Write up Inquiry .pdf .doc
Graph paper with Grade Criteria Inquiry .pdf .doc
Graphing Grade Criteria only Inquiry .pdf .xls
Observation Criteria Poster Inquiry .pdf .doc
Experiment Question Practice Inquiry .pdf .doc
Answering Questions Life .pdf .doc
Critters Observations and Questions Life .pdf .doc
Introduction to Life Unit Organizer Life .pdf .doc
Characteristics of Life Stations Worksheet Life .pdf .xls
Characteristics of Life Stations Lab Instructions Life .pdf .doc
Rat island Life .pdf .doc
Characteristics of Life Poster Life .pdf .doc
Characteristics of Life Notes Student Copy Life .pdf .doc

Characteristic of Life notes Student Copy Key

Life .pdf .doc
Characteristics of Life Notes Tiger only Life .pdf .jpg
Food Chains and Webs Video Guide Ecology .pdf .doc
Food Chain and Web Word search Ecology .pdf .doc
Food Chain and Web Field Form Ecology .pdf .doc
3 Part Venn Diagram: Population, Community, and Ecosystem Ecology .pdf .doc
Hare and Lynx Populations Introduction and Graphing Ecology .pdf .doc
Hare and Lynx Questions Ecology .pdf .doc
Minnesota Ecosystems Ecology .pdf .doc
Ecology Unit Reading D: The Story of the Wolf Ecology .pdf .doc
Humans and Wolf Timeline Ecology .pdf .doc
The Lorax Video Guide Ecology .pdf .doc
Minnesota Animal Story Ecology .pdf .doc
Story Plan Graphic Organizer Ecology .pdf .doc
Monarch Observation Stations Monarchs .pdf .xls
Monarch Life Cycle Web Monarchs .pdf .doc
Monarch Parts: Student Monarchs .pdf .doc
Monarch Parts: Teacher Monarchs .pdf .doc

Lesson and Units I am not using right now

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