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Animals Adaptations

Cells and Germs

Genetics And Evolution






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Student Sheets

What is Life?

Characteristics of Living Things (The Beatle)

Good Observations


Ferrofluid Observations

Characteristics of Life Lab

Characteristics of Life Lab Evidence and Poster

What are living things? Paraphrase reading and Answer questions on p. 35 of Polar Bear Book.

Answering Science Questions

Life Word search

Workbook Pages

MN Ecology


Energy Pyramid

Minnesota Ecosystems Map


Ecosystem Notes

Population, Community, and Ecosystems


Food Chain and Food Web password required

Prairie Ecosystem password required

Deciduous Forest Ecosystem password required

Coniferous Forest Ecosystem password required

The Lorax (Available through goggle video)

Bart vs Australia: 7th season of the Simpson's (Not available online)

Experimental Questions Practice

Habitat Reading

Habitat Writing

Something's Wrong Here Worksheet password required

Make a Food Web

Food Web Field Guide

Food Chain and Webs Video guide

Food chain Worksheet password required

Food Web Worksheet password required

Producers and Consumers Worksheet password required

Food Chain and Webs Word search

MN Ecosystems Map

Energy Pyramid Worksheet password required

Feedback Loops

Part I: Hare and Lynx Populations Graphing

Part II: Hare and Lynx Questions

Population, Community, Ecosystems Venn Diagram

The Lorax Video Guide

Eco-talk password required

What's What in the ecosystem password required

Food Chains and Food Webs, the big picture


Scientific Inquiry Requirements For Good Experiment Questions.  

Animal Adaptations

Definition of Animal

Characteristics of animals web.

Print up and fill in.

A: More Then Mammals

A: Graphing Practice

HW: Word Search, What is an Animal

R: What is an Animal, Fat book p. 344-345

HW: Backbone or No Backbone password required

V: Spider Video

L: Mealworms

HW: Hypothesis Writing Practice

R: Reading on Mealworms

Insect Life Cycle Web

What are Chordates, Skinny Book p. 194-195

Backbones password required

Classy Vertebrates password required

Vertebrate Animal Coloring password required

Animal Expert Groups

Animal Expert Groups Reflection

What's a Vertebrate?password required

Animals with Backbones password required

Bones or No Bones password required

Class Assignments password require

More Then Mammals decimals, percents, and fractions



Microscope Safety Quiz

L: Focus Practice

Microscope Word Search


Cell Introduction

Cell Parts

Print and Label the Cell Parts

Diffusion and Osmosis

Plant and Animal Cell Observations

Bill Nye's Cell Video Guide

Cell Theory reading

Cell Parts Function

Compare and Contrast Plant and Animal Cells

Cell Parts Word Search

Animal Cell Coloring

Plant Cell Coloring

Label parts of Plant and Animal Cell

More Labeling Parts of Plant and Animal Cell

Plant vs. Animal Poster

What is Diffusion?

Egg Lab

Label Chicken Egg

Osmosis Animations

Cell Test Review

Cell Unit Essay

Kingdoms of Life

Kingdoms of Life Graphic Organizer

Defining Living Things (Use table 7-1 on page195, Fat Science Book)


R/A: What are the 5 Kingdoms of Life, Skinny book p. 104-105

C: Kingdoms of the Living World password required

HW: The Five Kingdoms/Family of Living Things

HW: Welcome To The Kingdom

Bacteria and Protists

Protista Classification

Protist Locomotion

Bacteria Notes


A: Protist Movement

L: Protist Manipulated Experiment

R: What are Protists, Skinny Book p. 120-121

V: Protists in pond water

L: Harmful and Helpful Bacteria

V: Bacteria Friends or enemies

R: What are Bacteria, Skinny Book p.116-117

HW: More About Bacteria password required

L: Bacteria are everywhere lab

Labeled Bacteria


Extra Credit


Chemistry Notes

DNA Notes

Genes and Chromosome Notes

Atom-Chromosomes drawings

Gene graphic Organizer

Punnett Square Notes

A: Hanging Together password required

V: Bill Nye Genes

C: DNA Coloring password required

A: How does DNA affect you?

A: Cookie Genetics

R: Gene Power, You and You Genes p, 4-7 and 15-16

R: What are Genes and Chromosomes, skinny Book p. 356-357

A: DNA and Chromosomes Discussion, You and Your Genes p. 8-9

A: Punnett Square Practice, complete dominance

A: Punnett Square Analysis

A: Punnett Square Review

A: Genetics Book Project

HW: Genetics word search

Periodic Table of Elements

Vampire Gene


Extra Credit




Biological Events and Geologic Time Scale

Evolution Vocabulary

Using Create A Graph

W: Introduction to Evolution

V: Eyewitness Prehistoric Life

R: What is Evolution, Skinny book p.386-387

A: Natural Selection Web Poster, Skinny Book p. 388-3859

HW: Evolution Word search

L: Beak lab

HW: Review for Folder quiz

The Geologic Time Scale

Evolution Evidence


Extra Credit

Famous Scientists

Some Branches of Science

Taking Notes and Citing Sources

Famous Scientist Newspaper Article Requirements

A: Branches of Science

A: Research Packet

W: Newspaper Article


Life Science, Prentice Hall

Project Based Inquiry Science, Herff Jones, It's About Time

Concepts and Challanges in Life Science, Globe Fearon

Other Sources and Art Credit